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Easy Urinary Leg Bag Emptying Without Batteries or Electricity          Works With All Leg Bags          Enjoy More Hours of Independence!!!!
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Credit Card Information and Security

Never send your credit card information through the email.  Information sent through email can be seen by anybody on the internet with the proper technical skills. 

On our site, the page in which your credit card information will be entered is what is called a Secured  Sockets Layer (SSL) ensuring your credit card information is not able to be seen by unauthorized people.

When you click on the 'Buy Now' button you are requesting  the item is to be put into your virtual shopping cart.  There is no obligation to buy the items you've put into the shopping cart and you can abandon them by clicking the 'Back' button on your web browser or entering another web address in your browsers address field.

We cannot see any of your credit card information except the last 4 digits of the card number and the name on the card  that is entered through the WEB.  We do not store your credit card information.  After 120 days all historical transactions become unavailable to us to back out.  This means that If a refund is due to you and it is past 120 days, we will write you a check and send it through the mail or we can credit your card, but we must have you provide for us the complete credit card information.  The only way in which we will take the credit card information is by you calling our toll free number 1-888-767-1924.  We will not call you for credit card information.  We do this to protect you from credit card fraud .  So please don't give it out.

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