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Insurance Claim Help

If you would like to find out if your insurance may pay for the JB-3 products, EclecTec Innovations LLC is now working with a preferred retailer to help you.

Health Aid of Ohio is a leading Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier.  Their knowledgeable and courteous staff will be happy to assist you in determining if you qualify for having your insurance cover the costs of  having a JB-3 Leg Bag Emptying System and other products.  They can order the JB-3 and have it delivered directly to your door!  

To contact Health Aid of Ohio click on the link located below.  You will be taken to the Health Aid of Ohio "Contact Us" page where you can find the phone numbers for Customer Care, or you can use their convenient email form to ask your questions.


Health Aid of Ohio Contact Page


If I want to submit my purchase to my insurance company, what HCPCS might I use?

Some of our other customers have indicated that the claim might be best submitted using HCPCS code A4335 (Incontinence Supply; miscellaneous).  Other information for this code is that it became active January 01, 1990.  BETOS Classification is a Prosthetic/Orthotic Device.  Special Instructions apply to Medicare Coverage Status.  Please refer to Medicare Carriers Manual Reference Section Number 2130.  This information does not guarantee reimbursement and you should consult your insurance carrier for determining if your purchase is covered or not under your specific plan.






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