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Leg Bag Valve upper assembly

JB-3 Leg Bag 'Pull Ring' is easy to hold onto

The activating mechanism consists of two parts - the Belt Loop and the Pull Ring.  The Belt Loop is on the left of this picture and the Pull rRng is on the right.  The Belt Loop and Pull Rng are both made of black polycarbonate - the same material that bullet proof glass is made from.  The Pull Ring was designed to be able to put two fingers into it for additional pulling control.  It was also designed so that it could be easily grabbed on the outside if desired.
The Belt loop is virsitile to use and nearly indestructable The Belt Loop attached to the wheelchairs safety belt
The Belt Loop is very versatile.  In order to be able to activate the Plunger by way of the Cable something has to hold the Cable Sheath in place.  We developed the Belt Loop to accomplish this task easily.  In the following pictures there are examples of how you may want to set this up for your easiest activation.  If you don't want to attach the Belt Loop to your pants then you can slip it onto your chair's belt, among many other places.  The Cable Sheath can be routed down the pant leg, or under a dress to be totally discreet.


The JB-3 Belt Loop can be velcro'd to even wide objects like the wheelchair arm The JB-3 requires very little strength to be activated
If you want to attach the Belt Loop to your wheelchair and still want to remove it easily for chair transfers, then use the Velcro(R) Strap we've included in the kit to attach it anywhere it's convenient for you, without damaging your chair or getting in the way of your daily living. If you think that you don't have enough strength, you're wrong!  The Pull Ring can be activated by you pulling on it with your neck muscles.  The JB-3 Leg Bag Emptier is designed to be activated with less than 3 pounds of pulling force and drain 750ml of urine in less than 30 seconds.

The Jb-3 Leg Bag Valve in the open position

The JB-3 Leg Bag Drain in the closed position

The business end of the JB-3 is the Valve itself.   In this picture the Plunger is being pulled back by the Cable, allowing the urine to flow out the end of the Black Drain Tubing.  All components in the JB-3 Leg Bag Emptier is made of stainless steel and quality plastics for years of reliable use. The above picture shows the JB-3 Valve in the closed position. The Plunger is pressing the Black Drain Tubing against the stainless steel Clamping Bar creating a completely leak free seal.  There is no body fluid contact and therefore nothing to plug or corrode.

It is easy and quick to install the JB-3 Leg Bag Drain

To insert the supplied Black Drain Tubing you only need to push the plunger back with slight pressure of your finger.  The Black Drain Tubing slips between the Plunger and the stainless steel  Clamping Bar with no trouble at all.  It's just that easy. This is how the Valve looks when it is in actual use on a person in a wheelchair.  The supplied Black Drain Tubing should be positioned so that it will not drain on the foot rest of course.  Generally the pant or dress of the wearer will cover up the valve, and the tube is all that is showing.  The kit comes with 5 feet of Black Drain Tubing, more can be ordered from our website.  Only 6 inches of Black Drain Tubing is necessary at any one time in most installations.
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