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Customer Testimonials

Become one of our many satisfied customers and see your comments on our web page too!  Our business with you isn't complete until you are satisfied!

These are actual excerpts from some of the letters we receive from our customers.  In order to protect privacy we only include initials and geographical region if available.  All letters are with the writers permission.

The JB-3 is a truly fantastic device for a C-4-5 quad like myself.  It has reduced my reliance on home health aides - giving me a new level of independence in an essential part of  my life and saving me money on home care.  It has virtually eliminated embarrassing bag-draining experiences, and kept me healthier by reducing occurrences of dysreflexia caused by an over-full leg bag.  Furthermore, the owner Ron is a pleasure to deal with.  When my first JB-3 finally broke down after 5 years of daily use (abuse may be a better term, uncommonly so in this  brave new world of ubiquitous cheap made in China products) at 11 p.m. on a Thursday night, I e-Mailed Ron after ordering a new one to see if it would be possible to get me a new one over-night.  He replied at 1:00 a.m. and had a new one in the mail by 10 a.m. the next morning and on my doorstep 24 hours later to my great relief.  It's obvious he genuinely cares a lot about the product and the people who depend on it. 

I truly can't recommend the JB-3 enough to those with the function enough to use it, but are otherwise unable to empty their leg bag independently.

Unsolicited letter from P. T .A.

...This little thing has given me the freedom, and more importantly the freedom to drink however much I want while away from home!  As I told you on the phone I read about these fancy battery operated devices and have always been of the opinion the simpler, the better.  In this case my opinion is spot on!  After a bit of reading and playing with where things need to go, I have been extremely satisfied!

I am a C-5-6 quadriplegic, and have been since 1969.  I wear two disposable leg bags (a medium size bag on my thigh and a large bag on my calf) .  The medium bag is used to keep all my urinary things in place and not pulling apart and also as an overflow if I'm somewhere I can't get emptied.  The large bag is the one that I use to fill.  I use Bard Dispoz-a-bags.  the medium (19 oz) bag does not have a flip flow shut off because everything just flows through it.  The bottom, large (32 oz) bag has a flip flow valve on it, which has turned out very handy when attaching and removing the JB-3.

With my set up, the JB-3 is at the heel of my shoe.  No one sees it as my pant leg covers 95% of it.  Also I can attach a very short piece of the specia tubing provided with the JB-3 directly to the leg bag (No Christmas Trees or other tubing needed).  It has not twisted or blocked in any way.  When everything is in place, I just flip the valve open and all is well in my world, and I'm out and about!  The release is at my knee with the specially requested 20" cable and it works great!

Unsolicited letter from J. L.

Just a note to thank you ...Without it I would not be able to live independently in my own home and instead, I would be seeing my first grandchild from a nursing home.  Thanks again.

Unsolicited letter from T. L.

Wow! How refreshing to find a company that not only stands behind its product, but goes the extra mile to look up warranty info and offer to cover the costs when they didn't even have to. I have to say that I was originally hesitant to order your product due to the cost, but after using it for several months, I can honestly say that it has changed my life. It works so well, and to be independent with my legbag is a huge step forward in my life. Thank you for your product and your commitment to customer service.

Unsolicited letter from M.S.

I have been a Quad c5 over c6 for almost 30 years and I always had to worry on who to get to empty my bag. Now, I don't have to worry any more. I wish I had sent the money long ago for the JB-3. I can't believe the freedom it has given me. Thanks for a GREAT product.

Unsolicited letter from S. M. - Frederica, DE

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your leg-bag opening product has been for my husband and I. My husband, is a C-4 quadriplegic who needs to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to fend off UTI's and bladder stones. Having the leg bag opener allows him to drink without any worry of backups or leaks. We have shown the product to his urologist who was quite impressed. The leg bag opener has given my husband freedom that he thought he would never have again. Thank you for creating this innovative yet simple mechanism.

Unsolicited letter from E.G.

I wanted to let you know that I receive my JB-3 on Wednesday July 13, 2005, one and a half days after ordering it.....Awesome!  After a few times of using it and getting it all figured out, I have to say that not only is it the world's best leg bag emptier, but the worlds easiest, most user friendly that I have ever seen or used in my 22 years of quadriplegia!  Unbelievable.  You have made my life a whole lot simpler.  I like it so much that I will soon be ordering another one for back-up.........Thanks again Ron and Joe for making the lives of people with disabilities so much more independent.....

Unsolicited letter  from D. H. - Springfield Illinois

It works well and Is discreetly hidden...(it's the) first time I emptied my bag unassisted in 17 years!

Unsolicited response from J. L. - Ontario Canada

Just wanted to let you know that I received the leg bag emptier late last week. It really looks good, it looks like you guys put a lot of work into it. Thanks again for your prompt service, and look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Unsolicited response from P. U. - Texas USA

Well, I've been using the JB-3 for about 3 weeks now, and it works GREAT. You should reconsider renaming your web page logo to:

"ABSOLUTELY" the World's Best Leg Bag Emptier.

The foot-strap works well, but if it's put up too high on the laces of the shoe the tubing will pinch. Other than that it's cool.

Unsolicited response from B. V. - California USA

I'm presently using an electric valve, an it's a "pain in the neck"!

Inquiry letter from S. C.- Valrico FL USA

...I'd hate to modify the valve since it's so great but we'll see what happens.  If you send me the other prototype in the meantime, it may be good enough. I'd really appreciate it because other than this minor "glitch" it is a fabulous valve. Thank you so much for working with me on this.  You guys really do care!

Correspondence letter from S. C. - Valrico FL USA


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