The JB-3 Story

JB-3 was founded in 2003

My husband, Gary, crossed paths with Ron Schmaltz, who was on a mission to assist his friend Joe, a veteran grappling with a high-level spinal cord injury sustained during duty. Joe’s frequent UTIs and work absences stemmed from a lack of assistance in emptying his leg bag during work hours, leading him to abstain from drinking water the night before work. Recognizing the dire need for a solution, Ron crafted a basic device in his garage, birthing the JB-1.

Through incremental refinement, Ron developed a second iteration, the JB-2, catching Gary’s attention. Leveraging his expertise as a mechanical engineer in the medical products field, Gary identified areas for improvement and embarked on creating a more reliable and user-friendly version—the JB-3. Over the span of 18 years, Ron and Gary dedicated themselves to perfecting the JB-3.

JB-3 has been built through excellent customer service

Our story revolves around the principle of friends supporting friends, a spirit that lies at the core of our business ethos. This friendly approach guides our personalized interactions and underscores our firm belief in the significance of exceptional customer service.

When my husband Gary and I embarked on this journey, we couldn’t have foreseen the path our lives would take as parents. Gary’s decision to dedicate his time and passion to aiding Ron in creating a remarkable product for wheelchair users marked the beginning of an unforeseen chapter. However, in 2008, Gary had to step away from the business. Our first child, Victor, extensively complex health conditions, demanding intensive care. Despite this, Gary selflessly transferred his share of the business to Ron and continued to offer technical and engineering support whenever possible.

For 15+ years Ron has admirably served his customers, maintaining the legacy of JB-3 with dedication and care. Last year, when Ron announced his retirement and expressed his desire to return JB-3 to Gary, we knew without hesitation that we had to accept the opportunity. In January 2023, we proudly relaunched JB-3 under Victor Mobility, knowing that Victor would look upon us with pride.

To Ron, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. His tireless efforts have touched the lives of countless individuals over the years. We remain committed to upholding the esteemed legacy of JB-3, working diligently each day to continue the profound impact it has made. THANK YOU, Ron!

– Laura Leeman – Owner and President of Victor Mobility LLC

Please read some of our real testimonials to help you understand how we’ve changed other people’s lives for the better.

Victor and Benito
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