The JB-3 Story

JB-3 was founded in 2003

My husband Gary met Ron Schmaltz who was trying to help his friend, Joe. Joe was a veteran with a high-level spinal cord injury suffered while on duty. Joe was suffering from frequent UTIs and missing a lot of work.

When Ron became friends with Joe, he learned that Joe stopped drinking water the night before work as he did not have an aide who could help him empty his leg back during work. This created a vicious cycle of recurring infections. Ron built a simple device in his garage to try to help. The JB-1 was born.

After numerous attempts at tinkering, Ron built a second version. Hence the JB-2. That’s when my husband met Ron. My husband is a mechanical engineer and he was working in medical products. He loved the idea and saw ways to improve the design, and set about to make a reliable and user friendly version. The JB-3! Ron and Gary spent the next 18 years perfecting the JB-3. So much so that we can now offer a 3-YEAR WARRANTY!

JB-3 has been built through excellent customer service

Ours is a story about friends helping friends. That friendly attitude is at the heart of our business. It’s why we take a personal approach, and why we believe great customer service is so important.

My husband and I could not have imagined what our future lives as parents would be like when Gary decided to dedicate his time and passion to help Ron make a great product that helps people in wheelchairs. Gary had to step away from the business in 2008. Victor’s health, our first child, was just too fragile and his care was so demanding. Gary gave his half of the business to Ron and did what he could to support Ron with technical and engineering support.

Ron did an amazing job over the last 15 years taking care of his customers! When he called us last year to tell us he was retiring and wanted to give JB-3 back to us, we knew immediately that we had to do it! We relaunched JB-3 under Victor Mobility in January of 2023.

We believe our son, Victor, is proud to be a part of Victor Mobility and know he’s helping people too!

– Laura Leeman – Owner and President of Victor Mobility LLC


You have helped so many people through the years and we work hard everyday to live up to the legacy of JB-3!!

Please read some of our real testimonials to help you understand how we’ve changed other people’s lives for the better.

Victor and Benito
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