The JB-3 Story

EclecTec Innovations was founded in 2003 

Ron Schmaltz is both the founder of EclecTec and the inventor of the JB-3. For many years he was a computer programmer, and he didn’t set out to start a Leg Bag Emptier Kit business, if you can believe it. That wasn’t his childhood dream.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The JB-3 was born from necessity. Because back in 2003 Ron worked with a guy named Joe, a fellow programmer and quadriplegic who was struggling with emptying his urine bag, which was attached to his leg. Ron, a really nice guy, often helped him out, even by repairing a faulty electric leg bag valve, and eventually creating a much better manual system.

After a few of Ron’s prototypes, Joe had himself a fantastic new leg bag, was enjoying greater independence, and he didn’t have to rely on people at work helping him like before. So Ron and Joe decided it was time share this great solution with other people suffering from the same problem. It was time to go into business. 

(Read Joe’s full recounting of the story. It’s good stuff.)

Why is it called the JB-3?

Struggling with a name they decided to name it after Joe – his initials J.B. and then 3 – for the third prototype that worked perfectly. And if you’re wondering who the model is for most of the photos on this site – that’s Joe. And the guy in the blue shirt in the video (you just see his hands) is Ron. And if you’re wondering who developed this website, it’s Suzanne (how did she get into this story?) a friend of Ron’s whom he met when she was a programmer working with Ron and Joe, a very long time ago…

JB-3 believes in great customer service

So as you can see, this is a story of friends helping friends. And that friendly attitude is at the heart of this business. It’s why we take a personal approach, and why we believe great customer service is so important.

Please read some of our real testimonials to help you understand how we’ve changed other people’s lives for the better.

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