Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the JB-3 Leg Bag Emptying System.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us. And be sure to read what satisfied customers have had to say.

The JB-3 uses a plunger to pinch a thin walled latex tube from the leg bag against a small stainless steel bar. This means that there is no body fluid contact with the JB-3 so there is no corrosion of valves or accidental plugging by mucus from a developing bladder infection.

All of the components of the JB-3 have been engineered to reduce weight, while increasing reliability and longevity. The Pull Ring, Belt Loop, and “C” Bracket are made from the same plastic as bullet-proof windows. The cable is an ultra-high strength polymer monofilament with low friction properties. The clamp body and plunger are machined from a polymer with extremely low wear characteristics, low friction properties, and excellent dimensional stability.

No, the JB-3 only needs to be attached using the provided hook and loop strap around the arm of the chair or some other convenient place on the chair.

The JB-3 has been designed to easily slip on to a belt loop or the belt of trousers instead of using the Velcro(R) strap.

Less than 3 pounds of pull will activate the JB-3 enough to drain a 750 ml leg bag in less than 30 seconds. If you can lift a can of soda, you can empty your leg bag in under 30 seconds.

The JB-3 has been developed from the very beginning with people that have high-level disabilities as its primary user. Every element of the design has been evaluated and optimized by professional engineers to reduce friction and use the least amount of spring pressure over the smallest possible area to maximize the sealing effectiveness.

The JB-3 has a patented design that allows the user to modify the pressure of the plunger that pinches the exit hose from the leg bag. The pressure can be increased to accommodate varying thickness of latex exit tubing or reduce the amount of pulling strength needed to activate the JB-3. We’ve tested the JB-3 on a machine that pulled on the pull ring and retracted the plunger back 3/8 of an inch for over 25 thousand times and it still didn’t fail. If you were to use the JB-3 five times a day, that’s over 5 thousand days, or over 13 years of use!

Possibly. The JB-3 was designed to work specifically with the supplied tubing, and is only warrantied with that tubing. Some have used other tubing with success, but that is not our recommendation, since extra strain to provide a higher clamping force may void the warranty.  We provide the thin-walled, black, latex tubing which has been optimized to reduce sealing pressure. Therefore, the JB-3 can have the lowest possible pull forces to activate and also provide the most reliable seal that prevents leaks. The adjustment mechanism of the JB-3 allows the user to increase sealing force if other types of tubing are used. This generally results in an increase to the pull force required to activate the clamp by less than 1 lb.,

Yes, the device needs monthly cleaning to prevent gumming up. Please see instruction manual for cleaning instructions.

The JB-3 is the third generation of a device that we designed over 18 years ago. The first two models (and countless prototypes) have been used successfully, and without failure, for over 18 years by a number of users. By designing a completely mechanical device, and engineering each component to be between 8 and 50 times as strong as it needs to be in use, we have practically eliminated any possible failures. For instance, the ultra-high strength polymer cable has a rated strength of 150 lbs. We test every cable and pull ring sub-assembly to over 50 lbs. of pull force. But the clamp requires less than 3 lbs of pull force to activate. Therefore the cable and pull ring are rated at 25 times the required strength and should last your lifetime. Every component on the JB-3 has been engineered and tested to the same high level.

Some of our other customers have indicated that the claim might be best submitted using HCPCS code A4335 (Incontinence Supply; miscellaneous). Other information for this code is That it became active January 01, 1990. BETOS Classification is a Prosthetic/Orthotic Device. Special Instructions apply to Medicare Coverage Status. Please refer to Medicare Carriers Manual Reference Section Number 2130. This information does not guarantee reimbursement and you should consult your insurance carrier for determining if your purchase is covered or not under your specific plan.

We send you a fully, factory-refurbished JB-3 before you send in your  core, also known as “Up Front Shipping with Core Exchange Option”.

A “core” is the JB-3 valve assembly. You only have to send the JB-3 from the pull ring to the JB-3  clamp body, as shown here –

JB-3 Core

There is a refundable core charge invoice that will be sent to you. Core deposits will be refunded in full if we receive your matching core within 60 days, and the cores are undamaged. If you return the core later than 60 days from receipt of our rebuilt JB-3, $10 per month will be subtracted from the core refund.

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